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Our Story

This is a story about love. And candy. And candy love.


Karen and Jennifer have been friends forever - and so were our grandparents (they would be overjoyed to see us now!). From childhood to high school to being bridesmaids in each other's weddings to planning the candy bars at our kids' bat mitzvahs to today, we've been tight tight tight. And have always thought it would be amazing to run a business together. 

We met Tina more recently, and our duo became a trio. Three moms who love candy, who love people who love candy. And after the last few years, who doesn't need a little more sweetness, some extra fun, a treat every now and then?

Announcing the 5th generation of our family friendship: Candy Zoo! A roving van filled to the brim with our favorite candy to share with you - and the business we've always dreamed of.

We are thrilled to bring Candy Zoo to New York City. To the streets, to private events, to your block. We can't wait to meet you all!

We love to give back.

Candy Zoo is proud to partner with Ronald McDonald House. Ronald McDonald House New York provides care, support, and services to families battling pediatric cancer and other serious illnesses within their house on East 73rd Street in Manhattan, as well as in partnering hospitals across the NYC five boroughs. They are focused on addressing the social determinants of health, ensuring healthy equity among vulnerable and at-risk populations in NYC and keeping families close to each other and the treatment their children need.

ronald mcdonald house
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